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Holiday Gift Giving

How to Buy Gifts & Plan for the Holiday for Your Older Adult with Dementia

For someone with dementia, the holidays can be tough. Learn how to navigate the holidays—including activities and gift giving for the individual with dementia.

The holidays are often a time of celebration, family and excitement. But for individuals living with dementia and the caregivers who support them, the holidays can present new challenges. For an individual living with dementia, the holidays can present physical, mental and emotional factors that may disrupt their day-to-day activities.


Individuals with dementia may have limited mobility and need help getting around. If they are visiting a home or other location that they aren’t familiar with, they may have difficulty with stairs.


Crowds and noisy places can frustrate or overwhelm a person living with dementia. It won’t take much for a celebrated family to drum up the noise levels, even at home. Help individuals with dementia seek out a quiet room of the house if they need a retreat. 


Holidays can be an emotional time for anyone, and for a person living with dementia, it’s no exception. If the individual has trouble following conversation or remembering things they may feel confused or upset. Have family members practice patience and give the person enough time to finish his/her thoughts.

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