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TLC Virtual Resiliency

TLC Virtual Resiliency is a uniquely integrative, evidence-based, virtual resiliency program that supports your employees to survive and thrive in the extreme and accelerating stress of today’s workplace environment, so that they are inspired to continue to do what they do best—help other people.

Every virtual program is psychoeducational, delivered in cohesive group cohorts, and uniquely customized to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization and individual users. Services include ongoing assessments and tools, weekly interactive video conferencing workshops facilitated by licensed psychologists and mental health  professionals, daily conversations and personalized resources in an interactive community forum, a comprehensive resource archive, daily mind-body video content including exercise, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, and more.

Introduction to TLC Virtual Resiliency

Developing resilient employees not only benefits them as individuals, but it benefits their families, the communities they serve, and it benefits your business.

Research shows that resilient people are more motivated, productive, and efficient at their jobs.  Resilience improves workers’ perception of and ability to cope with stress, they are less susceptible to burnout, and they are healthier resulting in decreased absenteeism, family-related crises, presenteeism, and health care costs.  

Social support has also consistently been shown to help buffer against the negative effects of stress and anxiety; and facilitated discussions on mindfulness, reflection, and shared experiences have been found to increase empowerment and engagement, while decreasing burnout, depersonalization, and emotional exhaustion.