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PRESS RELEASE: Tender Loving Family Care Opens its Third Senior Home

Rochester, NY – April 28, 2021 – Tender Loving Family Care, Inc.(TLFC) has opened its third home for the senior community in the Greater Rochester area. Located on the residential corner at 2956 St. Paul St & Titus Avenue in Rochester, the new family-type home will house the new corporate headquarters for Tender Loving Family Care’s office staff and include the following community services:

  • Respite Care (Caregiver Relief Services)
  • Senior Home (family type -non-institutional setting)
  • Social Adult Day Program
  • Comfort Care

This majestic Irondequoit building was built in 1919 and was originally built as a private residence. Over the years, the building has been home to a church rectory and most recently a house of worship for Temple Emanu-El, a reform congregation offering a wide variety of programs including adult education, caring community, Torah study and monthly brunches. 

Tender Loving Family Care has customized this building to fit the needs of the senior community who require assistance with their daily activities but prefer to be in an environment similar to their home. 

The mission of TLFC is to provide quality care in warm, loving, safe, clean and attractive homes filled with an extended family that cares for and about each other. They provide needed supervision and gentle kindness that one would hope to find in the comfort of their own home. In addition to quality care, TLFC provides companionship, assistance with personal care, delicious meals and snacks, medication supervision, and transportation services. 

Tender Loving Family Care was formed in 2007 with one employee and one client. Since then, the family-owned business has grown to include a home health care agency, adult day program, family-type homes and child care locations. 

“We are proud to be able to expand our services and serve our senior community in the Greater Rochester area. We take great pride in providing excellent care to our seniors and opening this new building will advance our mission of providing quality care in warm, loving, safe, clean and attractive homes. In addition to the many amenities that this building will provide our seniors, it is conveniently located at the residential corner of St. Paul St & Titus Ave – an ideal location that boasts great scenery,” states Annika Kazembe, President and Founder of Tender Loving Family Care. 

Tender Loving Family Care will be hosting an open house on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 10am-6pm (Ribbon Cutting at 2pm). Please stop by for a quick tour, meet the TLFC Team and enjoy hors d’oeuvres and sweet treats. Please wear a face covering and follow social distancing guidelines. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021  

Tender Loving Family Care, Inc.
2956 St. Paul St.,
Irondequoit, NY 14617

For more information about Tender Loving Family Care, their services and programs, visit www.tenderlovingfamilycare.com

For more information about Temple Emanu-El, their services and programs, visit  https://emanuelrochester.org