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PRESS RELEASE: Tender Loving Family Care, Inc. Increase Minimum Wage for its Essential Employees in Rochester NY

March 26, 2021- (Rochester, NY)-Tender Loving Family Care, Inc., (TLFC) a New York State Licensed Home Care Services Agency is proud to announce that they have increased the minimum wage for all essential employees of their home care agency to $15.00 an hour.

This increase comes at a crucial time when families have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most employees can look for the increase in their paychecks effective April 30, 2021. In addition to the increase in minimum wage, TLFC has also enhanced their employees’ benefits by introducing a wellness and resiliency-building program that seeks to help their staff cope with the effects of COVID-19 and beyond. This program, powered by TLC Virtual Resiliency, provides weekly virtual workshops run by licensed psychologists and certified wellness professionals for the benefit of TLFC employees.

The program assists in helping all employees cope with stress, building resiliency, and reducing burnout. By increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour, TLFC hopes to alleviate some of the burdens their employees have faced as a result of the pandemic.  “We understand that there are great, caring people in the community that have lost jobs due to COVID that may not feel they possess the skills for Home Care. We want to help those individuals return to the workforce by providing training and support for those loving people that would like to help seniors stay independent and safe in their home.” stated Annika Kazembe, President & Founder,Tender Loving Family Care.

“Our employees have been on the frontlines during this pandemic. We are proud to be ahead of the curve, as our employees have sacrificed so much for our community, and we are fortunate we can lead the way with this increase much sooner than required by New York State Law. “Here at TLFC we aim to create a rewarding workplace for our staff. Increasing the minimum wage, providing PCA training for those who qualify, and introducing the resiliency program developed by TLC Virtual Resiliency, Inc., are a few ways we aim to provide them with the support and resources they need. I am extremely proud of the resilient team we have,” stated Annika Kazembe, President & Founder, Tender Loving Family Care.

Minimum wage is set to increase in New York State in phases, to $15 an hour. The New York City area will see the phased increase first. Although this increase is not set to be seen in the upstate area for quite some time, TLFC has led the way with the accelerated adoption of this wage increase much sooner. Americans are struggling and our healthcare workers have been the backbone of our community during this pandemic. Implementing the increase before mandated will prove to be very beneficial to many employees and their families.

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