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Marney D’Andrea

Marney D'Andrea
Office Dog

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My name is Marney D’Andrea. The day my fairy godmother texted my mom a picture of me, was the start of the greatest gift I could have hoped for. I had no idea what life had in store for me, but from where I was sitting, it looked pretty good. I met my new home family and now it was time for the job interview. I was notified by the CEO, (my Mum) that a position was open at her office and she would bring me in for a meeting. I would have to meet the canine specifications and could be able to land a position as “Office Dog”.

On the day of the meeting I had a bath, combed my-coat and put on a clean collar. When I entered the office I was extremely nervous and had to take a good few slurps of water before I was ready.  Soon, I was shaking hands/paws with the office employees and awaited the verdict. My concerns were slowly disappearing as Mum (the CEO) first of all mentioned my professionalism and diligence in ensuring tasks get done to a high standard. She then went on to mention how I provide a friendly meet and greet service and extend a warm welcome to all visitors, which was great to hear and that I should continue to practice doing this Gently.  For me there is always a lot of focus on “Gently”.

I understand that the job market for Office Dogs is extremely competitive and those who manage to gain employment do so through personal connections. Some humans may not understand tail language and also might think I would be a disruptive addition to the team. In fact I, personally, am the complete opposite: conscientious, friendly, approachable and only a little bit rambunctious on occasion.

I’m not perfect; I have a little “lapses in judgment”, such as when I took my Mum’s lunch off her desk thinking she wanted me to have it, or when I confiscate items from the trash thinking it should be mine. Sometimes I accidentally lay on Mum’s file pile thinking that is where she wants me for my belly rubs. These were completely deliberate as far as I am concerned, but it was all going so well, I wasn’t going to let on. I will just have to be more stealth-like in future.

In my current role I also have an extremely generous benefits package including daily treats, quiet sleeping areas and flexible working schedule. It would certainly be difficult to negotiate this with any future employers.

The thought of not being able to continue my job would be unthinkable.

So, Mum, just know you have a loyal employee in me.

Love Marney