Top100.274x193Founded by Annika D’Andrea, Tender Loving Family Care (a Rochester Top 100 Company – 2014 and 2015), started with just one client and one employee. Today we established an excellent reputation in our service areas with our families, employees, and clients.

“Caring for the elderly is what I have done for as long as I can remember.  My friends and I spent countless hours going to people’s homes after attending church, doing chores, or serving meals, depending on our age and abilities. I remembered how I felt seeing the difference we made in these families lives. The joy and smiles were unforgettable and I have always sought out ways to put a smile on faces ever since.

Making a difference as a nurse was a perfect fit to serve and bring back those childhood memories. I soon realized that bringing joy and smiles became more and more difficult in an instructional setting.  Although the facility had many wonderful, caring nurses, caregivers, and other staff, the fact is, most patients feared being institutionalized and the anger they felt was overwhelming. In many cases, the patients anger and loss of hope made it impossible to bring joy to their hearts. I often listened while patients vented in anger about being away from their homes, while on the other hand, there were families who would often be frustrated, even infuriated by the lack of community-based programs available. This would leave the families with no alternative but to move their loved ones from the comfort of their homes and place them in a facility against their wishes.

With my passion for caring and my strength and expertise in understanding the needs of individuals to age-in-place, I felt the jolt and started Tender Loving Family Care.

Now, every day I go to work, it is my mission and joy to bring smiles to the people I care for and those I work with.” Annika…

Tender Loving Family Care employs only the most qualified staff to interact with clients and represent the trusted Tender Loving Family Care name. Our employment process is very comprehensive. Employees are well-trained, caring, professionals who understand the needs of our clients and recognize every individual is unique. We thoughtfully match each staff with each client to assure we meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

The entire team here at Tender Loving Family Care holds to the philosophy that we provide the best care to our clients, as well as our staff. We are confident that we have the very best in training and support so that clients can be assured they will receive unparalleled quality care and service.

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