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Mission Statement

Our mission at Tender Loving Family Care, Inc. is to provide compassionate, quality care and services to meet the needs of our fast growing community.  Tender Loving Family Care, Inc. is committed to quality, individualized patient care and proudly dedicated to providing the finest health services to date.

Our team of professionals takes pride in our ability to provide support that extends beyond superior care.  We believe in addressing the total needs of our patients.  We recognize that being friendly, compassionate, and courteous, is just as important as our patients emotional, spiritual, family, and cultural needs.  At the core of our success is the very special working relation that exists between the Agency’s employees, administrators, medical staff, and our team approach to the delivery of home health care services.

We recognize the importance of a caring family environment.  We support our patients’ right to be informed and to exercise their freedom of choice regarding their care.  We are further committed to providing leadership in the field of home health care through cost containment quality programs and by sharing knowledge and skills with our staff and peers, and through being actively involved in the community programs.


Our mission is to provide compassionate, quality health care services to meet the needs of our fast growing community and serving our communities by providing exceptional care.


Our vision is to make a difference in people’s lives by providing exceptional care, service, and support.  To continually create a healing environment where passionate people thrive and excel.


Integrity – Match our actions with our words.  We live our values and mission in all decisions and actions.

Respect – Treat everyone with honor, dignity, and courtesy.  Respect values, cultures, beliefs, and traditions of others.  Value each other’s talents and contributions.

Trust – We act in the best interest of our clients/patients, physicians, communities, and one another.

Compassion – Dedicated to creating a healing and caring environment to support the emotional, physical and spiritual well being of all.

Stewardship – Use our resources wisely.  Commit to being thoughtful stewards of time, energy, and talent.

Art of Care

Quality patient care does not simply mean technological expertise. Rather, the Agency has a responsibility to promote a climate of total care that stresses the psychological and social needs, as well as the physical needs of patients. To balance the high tech atmosphere of today’s agencies, there must be an effort to recognize and respond to the human needs of the patient, physician, staff and others.

Creating a Caring Climate:

  • Improves the quality of care
  • Contributes to the image of the Agency
  • Tends to reduce cases of litigation
  • Increases employee’s pride in the Agency, which reduces stress and staff turnover
  • Increases referrals, since physicians, patients and families choose the agency that not only offers technological expertise but is pleasant to deal with.

Agency staff should demonstrate that they regard patients as valuable individuals who should be treated with respect by all who interact with them. This may include simple etiquette, such as:

A. Referring to patients by name  B. Including patients in discussions of their plan of care

Studies have shown that health is restored more quickly when patients sense that they are active participants in the restoration process. Most patients are unable to evaluate the technical quality of the medical care rendered, but relate more readily to Art-of-Care issues, friendliness, personal comfort, timely responses, cleanliness, etc.

Each and every employee has the responsibility of promoting a caring climate. Remember, caring is contagious – – catch it!

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