Rebecca Nettnin

I have always enjoyed the academic realm, which has created passions for reading, writing, and lifelong learning that continue to shape my life choice and successes. But most importantly, my faith in God is the foundation for my greatest passion, which is to serve others. 

While working at various jobs, I earned my Master’s degree in Education, after which I held a teaching position for several years. I then decided to stay home with my two young sons and manage my husband’s business. Every job and life experience provided many opportunities for growth and service.

However, after returning to the workforce years later, it became clear that I desired a more fulfilling work role where I could serve those truly in need. I never thought I would find it at this stage of the game, but Tender Loving Family Care had a place for me. Every skill and lesson learned from the past has prepared me for this role, and it is amazing! 

My passion for serving now extends to promoting the mission of this agency so that more lives can be touched. It is a privilege and joy to belong to this wonderful family, where all members share a passion for service and practice the highest levels of caring and integrity.