Intergenerational Advantages : For All Ages

TLFC Intergenerational Day Program for Children and Seniors

As the baby boom generation ages and the next generation waits until their late 30s to start a family, more and more new parents find themselves sandwiched between the pressures of work and the care and costs of their young children and their aging parents.

TLFC Child and Senior Care facilities may alleviate some of this stress, while improving the quality of day care for both children and older adults: Our intergenerational day care, offers adult care programs as well as child-care programs in one center, often combining activities for both sets of clients throughout the day.

Mutual Benefits

Intergenerational care is not only a convenient option for those caring for both parent and child, it actually provides unique benefits unavailable in traditional day care.

Benefits for Elders

Adults enrolled in our programs have enhanced socialization opportunities and a greater sense of engagement in their communities. They have better emotional and mental health as well as stronger physical health than their counterparts in more traditional day care facilities. When our adult clients served as mentors and teachers to the children, they gained a sense of purpose and added dignity to their lives.

Benefits for Children

Children, too, benefit greatly from increased positive interaction with older adults. Children involved in our intergenerational program are expected to have improved academic performance, a more positive attitude to aging and are more socially and personally mature than their peers.

Safety Concerns

As in any day care program, safety concerns about the health of both the children and elderly need to be addressed. When a child or elderly client is sick, they are not allowed to be in contact with each other. Each morning we have “wellness checks” where each participant is examined to ensure that they are indeed healthy. Some parents may worry about how their children will react if one of the older clients dies or is no longer part of the program.  It is important to know that Intergenerational care is not hospice and typically the older clients are not near death. Rather, they simply cannot be left alone for a variety of reasons, including Alzheimer’s, physical disabilities, or they prefer not to spend the day alone for social reasons.

Parents may also wonder what kind of background checks are done on the elderly clients. Again, it is important to know that at no time are any of the children left alone with another client. All clients, elderly or otherwise, are always supervised by trained, professional staff members who have undergone early-childhood and geriatric training, as well as background checks. The highly-trained staff ensure that both and the children interact in safe, healthy and mutually beneficially ways.

Best Practices

Our intergenerational programs are appropriately structured.  Adult clients are provided with mentoring roles, adult status, and autonomy, and the two generations are not treated as status equals.

We offer a choice of participation and children and adults have separate spaces in which to retreat during the day. We respect and teach respect for our adults and they are and tapped for their experience and wisdom.

The entire days are not spent together, however; there are several opportunities throughout the week to interact.

Some of our programs include cooking classes, nature walks, and music and movement classes. In each activity, the adult is paired with a child to serve as a mentor and teacher.

The benefits for families in the “Sandwich Generation” are enormous. The ease of having one facility that provides quality day care to both a parent and child can reduce stress and time management issues. Perhaps more important, our intergenerational care provides an opportunity for the grandparent and grandchild to interact more often and mutually benefit from a closer personal relationship.

To find out more about TLFC intergenerational Programs, or to schedule a free trial day,  call 585-637-0333 x1014 or visit us online at www.TLFCChild

TLFC Intergenerational Day Program for Children and Seniors