As a Tender Loving Family Care client, we encourage you and your family to take an active role in your own care. We value your feedback and want to promptly address any concerns or questions you may have about the quality of service you receive. We welcome your comments and testimonials.

Our testimonials are written and signed by clients, their family members, and employees, and maintained in our office.


These are some of the things our Clients and their families are saying about us:

“The staff are so friendly, kind, quick, and efficient. They are so aware of our privacy.” J.M; Hamlin, NY

“I don’t see how the services could be improved. Everything is fine dandy, sugar candy. I am well taken care of. ”M.S; Hilton, NY

“They were there when we needed them, and it’s nice to know that someone is available to us should the need arise again. We could not have asked for more caring people, we are 110% satisfied and would recommend Tender Loving Family Care to anyone who needs help in their home.” C.V.N; Churchville, NY

“The service my wife and I receive is top-notch. We would be lost without your wonderful staff.” E.R.M; Hamlin, NY

“I am out of state and It gives me comfort knowing that someone is checking on my mother. This gives her some companionship and for me lots of peace of mind. Mom loves the services and she tells me the staff is wonderful and that’s everything to me.” H.S; Jacksonville, FL.

“The Family in your name is well fitting, we feel like family. Everyday with your staff makes for good memories in our lives.” C.P.H; Brockport, NY

“They save me from the nursing home, the staff are so professional and courteous, I am not just satisfied, I am very satisfied.” R.M; Holley, NY

“The best way for me to describe Tender Loving Family Care is dedicated and dependable, they are truly supportive.” F.N; Albion, NY

“Tender Loving Family Care has taken great care of my husband. They delivered on their promise. They have the most kind and caring staff. They treat us like their family. I have and will continue to recommend this company to anyone who needs care.” L.A.M; Hamlin, NY


These are some of the things our Employees are saying about us:

“My experience here has been great, never a negative, always positive atmosphere.” Toya T.

“For me Tender Loving Family Care is very fulfilling, I love that I can treat the clients like family. I enjoy their company and helping out any way I can.” Lisa L.

“They are so friendly and flexible. I am able to pay for my college and do what I like to do, which is helping the clients.” Ruth M.

“Annika is very pleasant and great to work for.” Stan L.

“I have been a Caregiver at TLFC for 2 years in April 2012. This is the most friendly and comfortable  company I’ve ever worked for. The staff  is great to work with, always have a smile on their face in person or over the phone, there always willing to assist anyway they can.” Janell T.