Patient’s Rights & Responsibilities

PATIENT’S RIGHTS ~ You have the right to:

  • Be fully informed of all his or her rights and responsibilities by the agency;
  • Be treated as an individual with the dignity, respect and consideration deserved by all. Includes respect for your property and personal affairs.
  • Choose care providers; and be informed of when and how services will be provided, and the name and functions of any person and affiliated agency providing care and services.
  • Appropriate and professional services;
  • Receive a timely response from the agency to his or her request for service;
  • Receive reasonable continuity of care;
  • Be advised of any change in the plan of service, before the change is made;
  • Be informed within reasonable time of anticipated termination of service or plans for transfer to another agency;
  • Be fully informed of agency policies and charges for services;
  • Freedom for discrimination of any type including age, religion, handicap, ethnicity, or sex.
  • Voice grievances and suggest changes in service or staff without fear of restraint or discrimination;
  • Have relationships with the agency that are based on ethical standards of conduct, honesty, dignity, and respect.
  • To participate fully in all decisions, and consideration of ethical issues, affecting your care including planning for continuing health care needs following discharge. You will be advised if any changes to the plan of care are warranted.
  • Refuse care and treatment after being fully informed of and understanding the consequences of such actions.
  • Have your property treated with respect.
  • Privacy, including confidential treatment of your records, and refusal of their release to anyone without your permission, except in the care of your transfer to a health care facility, or as required by law or third-party payment contract or accrediting bodies. Information will be shared with providers whom are assigned to your case by Tender Loving Family Care. You may request to examine and/or receive a copy of your records within 10 working days upon receipt of a valid authorization.

PATIENT RESPONSIBILITIES ~  Patients have the responsibility to:

  • Notify service provider of any changes in care needs or condition that affects the patient’s service, including functional changes and hospital admissions;
  • Treat provider staff in a courteous and respectful manner, as well as cooperate with and respect the rights of the caregivers providing service;
  • Be as accurate as possible when providing information on health history and service needs;
  • Actively participate in decisions regarding individual patient planning;
  • Comply with agreed-upon patient plans;
  • Maintain a safe home environment or to inform provider(s) of the presence of any safety hazard in the home.
  • You will ensure that the employees are not subject to physical abuse, verbal abuse or rude behavior.
  • You and your family members will cooperate with the home health personnel at all times.
  • You further agree that you will not permit any illegal activity to occur at your home.
  • Be available to provider staff at times services are scheduled to be rendered; and
  • Pay for services ordered or any cost share liability, if applicable.
  • Receive services from Tender Loving Family Care without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin of the caregiver.
  • Be responsible for following the plan of care recommended by the agency
  • Be seen promptly by your physician if a change in your health status occurs
  • Share complete and accurate health information and changes in your health status with agency staff.
  • Notify the agency in advance when you need to reschedule a planned visit by agency staff.
  • Be responsible for your actions if you refuse prescribed medical treatments or fail to follow agency instructions.

You understand that, should any of these terms and conditions be breached, Tender Loving Family Care has the right to terminate home health services.


There is a three-week deposit required for all clients prior to start of service. Clients electing to pay by ACH only require a two-week deposit. Additional deposit amounts will be required if there is an increase in service hours. The Deposit does not get applied to your bill. It is the agency’s way to secure your account from becoming delinquent. When services end the deposit will be returned, less any remaining balance due to the agency. If there is no balance remaining on the account, the total deposit will be refunded in full. The account reconciliation process takes 30-45 days after services have ended.

Patient/Responsible Party is required to notify the Agency 72 HOURS prior to any shift change. Cancellation or termination of services for any reason requires 30 days’ notice. Short notice cancellations will result in a termination fee equal to the amount of 2 weeks of cancelled care, which will be taken from the Patient’s initial deposit. The Patient understands that this amount is not a penalty and that the amount represents the expected actual losses and damages, including but not limited to foregone business opportunities and other incidentals and consequential damages.

Tender Loving Family Care, Inc. is committed to providing an environment of integrity and respect for all. We foster the values of openness, honesty, tolerance, fairness, and responsibility in social and moral matters. In order to assist our clients who are faced with circumstances in which they feel aggrieved, we have developed the following procedure:

You may express your concerns to Tender Loving Family Care, Inc. by phone: 585-637-0333, or in writing to:  1270 Creek Street, Suite 3 Webster NY 14580.

Once received, either in writing or verbally, the agency will assign a management level person to review the facts of the situation.   The reviewer may be the same person initially receiving your concern but does not have to be.  The reviewer may contact you for more information on a verbal concern and will definitely contact you to confirm the receipt of written concern.

* Should we receive a complaint, we will assign a member of management to review the facts of the situation and you may be contacted for further information. * We will respond immediately if your complaint is an emergency, or within 7 working days for non-emergency issues.

* If you do not agree with the outcome of your complaint you may write to the agency’s president, Annika T. D’Andrea, at either address listed above, or email to

The N.Y.S toll-free hotline number is 1-800-628-5972.