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What is home care?

The Term “Home Care” is sometimes used to describe types of medical or non-medical care provided in the patient’s home. There are significant differences between the term “Home Care” and “Companion Care.”

Home Care ~ usually describes medical services that are provided by a licensed professional nurse or therapist. This may include assisting a patient with personal care  needs such as  taking a bath,  getting dressed, getting in and out of bed, using the toilet, feeding and eating, transferring and walking. Home Care is sometimes covered by health insurance.

Health Aides (HHA) ~ complete a training program and receive certification from New York State. HHA are supervised by a nurse.

Companion Care ~ usually describes companionship mostly where a client cannot be left alone safely reasons. Services may also include meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, errands, shopping, and care of certain pets. Companion Care is typically not covered by health insurance.

Companions are not required to complete any training or be certified.

What services do home care agencies provide?

Services may vary depending upon the agency. Tender Loving Family Care can provide you or your family member with:

What does homebound mean?

An individual can either be homebound not homebound. The status may be the difference between being eligible for insurance to pay for Home Care services or not. Homebound status is usually defined as:

People who only occasionally leave their home and with difficulty due to an illness or injury. People who are unable to leave home for activities other than medical visits or religious services. People who are not physically or emotionally able to receive care on an outpatient basis.

What should I look for when choosing a home care agency?

When looking for a Home Care provider, ask about licenses, and certifications. A Certified or Licensed Home Care agency will have been reviewed and approved by the state, and must adhere to state and federal regulations designed to protect patient care and safety.  These agencies provide supervision of all personnel, and perform pre-employment criminal background and reference checks on all staff.

In addition, there are two primary factors to consider when choosing the best agency to meet your needs:

What services will you need?

If your needs are medical or will require personal care, you will need a Home Care agency, not a Companion Care provider.

Are your medical requirements encompassed in an agency’s program?

In addition to its more generalized nursing, therapy, and home health aide services, Tender Loving Family Care also presently supports programs for:

How do I arrange for services?

Services are often recommended by your physician, hospital social worker or discharge planner.  These individuals can initiate your referral to a recommended home care agency.

To request home care services with Tender Loving Family Care, contact us by calling 585-637-0333.