Tender Loving Family Care’s First Virtual Holiday Party During the Pandemic 2020

TLFC Virtual Holiday Party 2020

Sharing in the spirit of the season is not the same without being able to see others in person. That is why throwing a virtual holiday party has become the new normal for many companies and families during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is one of the best ways to guarantee everyone stays safe and healthy while still being able to create a sense of closeness and community. Tender Loving Family Care values our team of dedicated and compassionate employees which is why our CEO Annika D’Andrea and team of creative staff members put together the first ever virtual company holiday party. Here is how TLFC pulled off the big virtual holiday party this year.

TLFC Virtual Holiday Party Location

It was a no brainer to keep our location simple and easy to access while putting the health and wellness of our caregivers and office staff first. That is why Zoom was one of the most viable virtual location options for our team. Tender Loving Family Care made it simple for employees to join the virtual holiday party after receiving an invite via mail merge near the time of the event. TLFC employees were able to ask questions before the virtual party started and supply any great idea they may have had in order to enhance the fun virtual festivities. 

TLFC Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

With the help of our team of compassionate and dedicated employees, TLFC was able to keep our virtual holiday party engaging and fun. There was dinner provided to each employee from their favorite take out restaurant thanks to the thoughtfulness and caring nature of Annika D’Andrea (President and CEO of Tender Loving Family care Inc). We all were able to eat together virtually like a family which created a welcoming and intimate virtual atmosphere via Zoom. 

There were games played such as Kahoot, a fun virtual trivia game of personalized question and answers developed by a few of our caring staff members. Cash prizes for anyone who chose a lucky envelope in Deal or No Deal stirred up a ton of engagement and karaoke music sung by some of our talented caregivers made headlines.

TLFC Virtual Holiday Party Results 2020

Tender Loving Family Care Inc wants nothing but the best for our brave group of caregivers and staff during this time of uncertainty and beyond. We understand that it can sometimes feel scary to be out in the field during the pandemic and so many lives are currently vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus. We continuously take the necessary precautions recommended by the CDC to make sure our clients, caregivers and staff members are healthy and thriving.

Our first virtual holiday party started off with a bang and ended with a positive prayer. Tender Loving Family Care will always strive to foster a resilient environment filled with compassion, love and positivity no matter if it’s in a virtual setting or in person. We hope our first virtual holiday party inspires you to spread the love, especially during these hard times.

We invite you to reach out to the Tender Loving Family Care team at 585-637-0333 if you have any questions about our services or joining our team of motivated and caring service workers.