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Move to the Music: How Music Can Support Longevity in the Aging

When you visit the Social Adult Day Program at Tender Loving Family Care throughout the day there will be lots of music!  Music can play a huge part in all of our lives especially with the aging and dementia population. Long before there was language there was music. It brought people together for common goals and celebrations.  

When we are little our parents sing to us, lullabies, and nursery rhymes, these melodies infuse our earliest memories.  We all have that song that reminds us of our first date, that special road trip we took,  our wedding dance, the list of memories are endless.  As we age we lose the direct recall of these memories but music can help to stimulate them.  

Musical Memories at SADP 

One of our routine activities is Musical Memories. We play music and reminisce about the memories that come up.  We see  participants that are quiet and reserved come to life when the music is on.

Music links us in a way nothing else can. Several popular songs of a generation can bring an entire group together.  Conversations are had of the shared memories of that time in history.  This is a magical time where our Senior Social Adult Day Program participants learn so much! 


Moving to the Music at SADP

During exercise we play music to energize and get us moving.  Music has been shown to help with motor function and pain management.  Exercise is often disguised in other activities like singing and dancing. When the music plays our Senior Adults just can’t help but move their body or sing along.  Singing is a surprisingly good form of exercise.  


Boosting Mental Wellness through Sound at SADP

During Arts & Crafts, music playing in the background can help to boost creativity and productivity.  We know many people have experienced this when the music is turned up while cleaning the house. 

Just like we’ve used music to lift us up and keep us going, music can have a calming effect as well. Soothing music can help to reduce anxiety and confusion in TLFC’s dementia clients allowing them to feel more enjoyment throughout their day.  

Music can also help you to get to sleep and improve the quality of sleep.  Sleep is necessary for healing and good health.  Without enough sleep, dementia related behaviors can worsen.  

Music plays a vital role in all of our lives from birth to our last breath.  For caregivers, music is a simple and easily accessible tool to make the days go smoother.  You’ll probably find yourself rewarded with a surprise memory or two that you never knew about as well.

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