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Fun Crafts to Do with the Elderly During Holidays

Make Holiday Memories with Seniors

Take on these simple projects with seniors to make special holiday memories together this season.
The crafts are easy and fun.

Part of the joy of the holidays is making memories together. Senior mobility and energy may be limited, but making simple crafts at home are special ways to brighten the holidays.

5 Nostalgic Projects to Make This Holiday Season

These crafts are fit for seniors because they are calm and simple. They’re also nostalgic, adding joy to the time spent making them. Seniors might also enjoy making these crafts to give as gifts over the holidays.

Recycled Card Bookmarks

Use ribbon, glue, and old Christmas cards to make simple bookmarks.

Mason Jar Snow Globes

Encourage seniors to put knick-knacks collected over the years in their mason jar snow globes. Only a few materials are needed.

Memento Ornaments

Clear, hollow ornaments can be fun to fill with special mementos. These are often valued as priceless memory holders and conversation pieces.

Scrapbooks/Photo Albums

Good old-fashioned scrapbooking allows seniors to reminisce and share stories with a sense of purpose and delight.

Needlework/Sewing Projects

There are a ton of easy, fast, adult crafts seniors can make using fabric, needle, and thread (or yarn). Search online for adult sewing ideas and directions.