Award-Winning August, 2019!

Tender Loving Family Care (TLFC)

County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo & Annika D’Andrea RJO Award Ceremony 2019

Annika T. D’Andrea has done it again!

Making TLFC’s Award-Winning month of August 2019!

The Rochester Jamaican Organization (RJO) nominated and voted our President & CEO of Tender Loving Family Care, Annika D’Andrea the Winner of the Community Service and Leadership Award!

This was an evening that celebrated our Rochester areas young adults as they announced scholarship winners awarded from the RJO Advisory Council and the Monroe Community College Foundation.

As the 2019 Community Service Award Winner, Annika gave an inspiring speech to hundreds of attendees to include Key Note Speaker Ian Edwards, Journalist from the International Civil Servant Organization of American States, the County Executive of Monroe County, NY Cheryl Dinolfo and past Award RJO Winners such as Karen Iglesia, Henry Isaacs, and Garth Fagan just to name a few.

The Rochester Jamaican Organization writes:

Annika D’Andrea has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 21 years. She is an expert in understanding the needs of individuals who are aging in place. As a leader in her industry and within her agency, she feels that it is very important to lead by positive example. She acts morally and professionally at all times and goes the extra mile to provide support wherever and whenever needed. She is involved not only with her employees but also within her community. She strives to be an empathetic leader, respectful of a work-life balance and appreciates the stressors her employees face on a daily basis.

Ms. D’Andrea has three children, runs her own business and stays active in her community. According to Annika, “My personality is to be active. While I do enjoy the peaceful qualities of life, I have to stay active to maintain my balance. Her family would say, “if she’s not busy they wonder if she’s sick”.  This sentiment embodies the RJO Community Leadership and Service Award and is further echoed by Ms. D’Andrea who stated, “I believed in myself even when others may not have. I realize I was born to serve a special purpose and I don’t believe there is any other way. The passion to care for others was born in me. I love to care, and doing what I love makes it possible to thrive”.

Ms. D’Andrea’s personal and professional life is guided by the principles of Integrity, Honesty, Innovation, Quality, Commitment, Respect, and Dedication

.Award Winning August, 2019

We at Tender Loving Family Care are proud of Annika D’Andrea, and Congratulate her for receiving this prestigious award.