Is an Adult Day Program right for your loved one?

Adult Day Programs are becoming more and more popular as our seniors live longer and continue to age in place.  According to the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA), there are nearly 6,000 such programs in the country, up from just 4,500 in 2010.  And enrollment in these programs has increased by 63% since 2002.  These programs offer a variety of services including social activities, personal care, therapeutic activities, and nutrition.  Most operate Monday through Friday during normal business hours and provide activities like arts and crafts, games like bingo for mental stimulations, stretching or other light exercises, holiday and birthday celebrations, and local outings.

Nearly 50% of attendees attend the program five days a week and the most common service is cognitive stimulation programs which is certainly a benefit for seniors.  The national average daily cost is $62 which may seem expensive but not when compared to the average of nearly $200 per day for a semi-private room in an assisted living facility.

In addition to allowing caregivers a chance to remain in the workforce, there are several other benefits to Adult Day Programs including the reduction of emergency room visits.  These programs can enhance the lives of both seniors and family members by reducing the stress put on primary care givers and allowing seniors a time to socialize and participate in structured activities.

If you are considering an Adult Day Program you may want to ask the following questions:

  • What is the ratio of staff to participants?
  • How long has the program been in operation?
  • Is it licensed or certified?
  • Is transportation available?


And finally, you may want to make time to visit the program during operating hours.  This will give you a chance to get the feel of the facility first hand.  If the senior you are caring for offers resistance to the idea, try to plan a trip around an activity that they might enjoy and remember it takes many seniors at least a full month to feel full comfortable with such a program.


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