Kitchen Safety-12 Tips for Alzheimers Families

Kitchen Safety-12 Tips for Alzheimers Families

1.) Remove spices or medicines from the counter tops

2.) Keep cleaning supplies in a locked place.

3.) Remove scissors and knives from counter tops and drawers.

4.) Put labels on the cabinets.

5.) Install a shut-off valve (for a gas stove) or a circuit breaker for an electric stove so you can disable

6.) Remove burner knobs and tape the stems or install knob covers.

7.) Use safety latches on doors and cabinets.

8.) Install gates, or Dutch doors so the kitchen can be closed off but you can still be seen.

9.) Hide or get rid of dangerous small appliances.

10.) Turn off appliances by unplugging them

11.) Use an electric teakettle that has an automatic shutoff.

12.) Use a single-lever faucet that can balance water temperature.

edited by Gail Kendig Tender Loving Family Care 585-637-0333

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