In Case You Forget…

Does memory have to be one of the first things to go as you age? Here are several ways to work on exercising your brain to help maintain or even create an even sharper memory than before.


When creating lists, such as a grocery list, or addresses lists, try to keep them in a consistent place such as on the refrigerator door or special drawer. Store and document your addresses and phone numbers in an address book. The act of writing will help you remember where these items are and will help you from forgetting where to locate them when needed.

In order to keep your brain cells happy and healthy, it is important to eat foods rich in antioxidants. Blueberries, strawberries and colorful fruits and vegetables eat the bad cells and aid in helping your brain stay healthy. Some people even believe eating foods rich in antioxidants help slow the aging process! What have you got to lose?

At this point, everyone knows that stress is hard on a person’s body, but remember, it is also very hard on our memory.  Chronic stress will destroy brain cells. The hippocampus happens to be a section of the brain that takes care of retrieving old memories and also makes new ones, so limiting stress by keeping yourself creative will help you in the long run. Below are some of our SADP (Senior Adult Day Program) folks as they show you how they keep their creative juices flowing.

Getting enough exercise is just as good for your healthy body as it is a healthy brain. Did you know that the more you exercise, the more good oxygen will go to your brain? Oxygen is always a good thing, right? Try to keep moving at certain points of your day even if it’s 5 minutes an hour. You can find fun exercises to do while still sitting in a chair! Keep your heart pumping oxygen any way you can!










We all have a short-term and long-term memory. Both short & long-term memories are not created equal. We often hear people say how they are able to easily recall older memories but completely unable to remember recent events.

One of the ways to help retain information is to stay focused on the subject you want to remember.  Distractions are constantly going on around you such as music, television, friends, and family. They’re all trying to grab your attention. All this noise and busyness is not the best environment while trying to focus on remembering something that’s important to you. This will result in it being hard to remember what you’ve studied. Eliminate all your distractions.

If you follow just a few of the tips here, you’ll get a nice brain and memory workout. Exercising your brain and memory function isn’t as mystifying as it used to be!!