Respiratory Therapy

Tender Loving Family Care, Inc. comprehensive respiratory therapy  team is available to evaluate and treat all patients, from premature infants whose lungs are not fully developed to elderly patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Our program includes an individual assessment of each patient’s home care needs and participation in planning discharges.  We also provide necessary education to patients and their caregivers and offer around-the-clock emergency service to ensure the best possible care for our respiratory patients.

Our Respiratory Services include:

Aerosol Therapy

Tender Loving Family Care’s aerosol therapy program provides treatment for  patients who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma, emphysema and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). These treatments may include low-maintenance compressors or portable nebulizers.

CPAP/BiPAP Systems

Tender Loving Family Care serve patients with obstructive, central and complex sleep apnea.  We  work with a wide variety of mask and machine styles.  We are available to help patients in the event pressure settings need to be changed.  In addition, we work with area sleep labs to arrange for sleep studies when needed.

Home Ventilator Program

Patients who require either invasive or noninvasive ventilator assistance to help them breathe can benefit fromTender Loving Family Care’s home ventilator program.
Prior to discharge from the hospital, our respiratory therapists can perform an in-hospital assessment of the patient’s needs and then prepare their home environment for the transition from hospital to home.  Working in conjunction with the physician, patient and caregiver, we help identify the best ventilator for each individual patient.  We also teach the patient, caregiver and any involved nursing agencies how to clean and protect the airway and maintain the efficiency of the ventilator.  And because most units are portable, we explain to patients and caregivers how to travel with their ventilators.

Because we believe in continual assistance, our respiratory therapists will visit patients to check on their status, address any concerns they or their caregivers may have and provide progress reports to their referring physician.

Oxygen Saturation Testing

The respiratory therapists monitor patients’ lung function through oxygen saturation testing.  This simple, non-invasive testing method includes spot testing, overnight testing and continuous monitoring and is designed to measure how much oxygen is present in the patient’s lungs.
These tests can help physicians determine whether respiratory therapy is necessary or, if a patient is already receiving respiratory therapy, whether a different therapy may be more appropriate.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy can be delivered in numerous ways, we help patients find the model that works best for them.

  • Our respiratory therapists begin by examining the patient’s lifestyle and physiological needs:
  • Do they need occasional oxygen or continuous oxygen?
  • Do they travel?
  • How much weight can they physically carry?
  • Do they need a small tank that can be carried or a larger tank on wheels?
  • Is a portable concentrator the best fit?

Then, they identify the system that best meets the patient’s needs and show the patient how to use the equipment.  This can include lessons in oxygen safety, teaching the patient breathing exercises to increase lung function, explaining how to travel while using oxygen therapy and showing the patient how to change out the oxygen tank.  Our respiratory therapists are also available for ongoing consultations in case patients need help selecting a new oxygen therapy system to meets any changing needs.