Nutritional Services

At Tender Loving Family Care, Inc. we recognize the importance of nutrition in managing home care patients.  Tender Loving Family Care has a dedicated team of registered dietitians on hand to consult with our home health staff and educate them about the unique nutritional needs  of our home health patients.  In addition, we also offer support to family members whose loved ones are transitioning from oral nutrition to tube feeding, or from tube feeding back to oral nutrition

We are committed to helping our patients receive the sustenance their bodies need in the manner that best suits their lifestyle. Tender Loving Family Care’s Nutrition Services include:

Enteral Nutrition

Patients who are not able to receive nutrients by mouth but do have functioning digestive tracts, Tender Loving Family Care offers enteral nutrition.  This alternative method of nutrition support involves providing nutrition through a feeding tube that is placed into the stomach or intestine.

Our registered dietitians perform nutritional risk assessments on patients to ensure they are remaining compliant with the treatment and are not suffering any adverse reactions to the

Total Parenteral Nutrition – TPN

For patients who are not able to receive nutrients by mouth or feeding tube, Tender Loving Family Care offers total parenteral nutrition (TPN).  This intravenous nutrition method allows patients to receive a balanced amount of calories, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats as prescribed by their physician.

Our skilled nurses work with TPN patients in the initial stages to teach them how to connect their bags to the IV, inject any necessary medications into the nutrients, clean the site and tubing and recognize signs and symptoms of infection. Then, a nurse will visit on a weekly basis to monitor the patient’s weight and draw lab specimens as needed.