Intergenerational Advantages : For All Ages

TLFC Intergenerational Day Program for Children and Seniors As the baby boom generation ages and the next generation waits until their late 30s to start a family, more and more new parents find themselves sandwiched between the pressures of work and the care and costs of their young children and…read more

“Just Do It”- Take the keys

“JUST DO IT” – Take the keys     It’s not as easy as that, I know. However someone has to be the bad guy for the greater good. I’m not sure what’s more difficult, taking the keys away from someone that has cognitive decline and they cannot rationalize the…read more

Q&A on Long Term Care

In a recent Q&A session for Senior the following questions were asked; Why is there a drastic difference in people’s perception of the (long-term care) need as compared to the reality of the need? Response: Education is the short answer. I am a true believer that the future of…read more

Where to Start

Aging and Illnesses – There is no getting around it. Unfortunately, conversations about preparing for aging/Illnesses often do not happen. At least not as soon as they should.  Whether about long-term senior care and finances, health care, end-of-life decisions, driving, or safety around the house. The best advice is to plan carefully and…read more

Memoirs of Pink Nail Polish -When Dementia hits home

Memoirs of Pink Nail polish- When Dementia hits home Julie Westcott She was the traditional Irish Catholic Grandmother, the matriarch of our family. Need I say more? She was a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother (many times over), a great grandmother (still going) and a natural caregiver. Her…read more