Making Family Memories

Making Family Memories


Treasuring every moment with your grandchildren is priceless for you as well as the legacy you leave behind for their children! As the saying goes, time sure does fly and before you know it those babies and toddlers turn into adults with far too busy lives. This is the time to capture as many moments and memories as you can!

With every season and special celebrations, there are certain events you can turn into memories. Below you will find just a few ideas to share with your loved ones to create the fondest of memories.

1. Birthday Dinner Dates

Kids love special one on one time with Aunts, Uncles, Grandpas, and Grandmas. Create new traditions and let the kids select a restaurant of their choosing. Having this special time alone will create a wonderful trust between you, giving you a chance to celebrate them, take lots of pictures, and make special memories. They will look forward to this special day every year. Be sure to put your pictures into a picture book just for them to reflect on for many years.

2. Custom Puzzles

Puzzles can teach both adults and children lots of patience and concentration. Go shopping together to select a bright and colorful puzzle that you can work on together. As you work on this special project you can chat about what is currently happening in your lives, giving you some wonderful stories to always remember. Completing the puzzle will also give the children a wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment!

3. Planting Memories

Kids love to play in the dirt! What better way to have fun and not get in trouble for getting dirty? Let your grandkids help you create a new garden or help in your current garden. You can teach them as you go by sharing your knowledge about your special floral selections. Each flower has it’s own beauty but was created for its own special kind of insect. You can look up each flower special insect that it attracts. Finding this information together adds another layer of learning to the day! Buy them a set of gardening tools in miniature size, talk to them about all the plants and flowers and show them how to keep the garden growing.

Another great project is to plant a real tree. You will be able to take pictures of the tree and your adorable grandchildren throughout every year while watching them grow together. Take a snapshot of this so you can see the growth over time while creating a true living memory!

4.  School Pickup Surprises

Unlike adults, kids love surprises. Watch their faces light up when they see you standing outside the school waiting for them to come out of the school doors!  Make sure you make arrangements with their parents and the school to collect them from school. Before going home (previously arranged) visit a park or playground, grab a quick ice cream or cookie treat or simply hang out with the kids until their parents come home. Your grandchild will be thrilled to spend this time with you, and will cherish that moment they were surprised!

5. Arts and Crafts Time

Kids seem to have the best and unlimited creativity when they’re young! Let’s give our Kids the Freedom to think outside the arts and crafts box! Crafting together is so much fun, especially around the holidays. Going to the Crafts stores together can be an adventure in itself as you select the craft you’d like to work towards.  Think about the endless possibilities…painting, knitting, paper crafts, jewelry making, pottery, Holiday projects, etc.! Passing on your knowledge and skills will help you leave a beautiful legacy for all your loved ones. What could be better than that?