Listen Up Baby Boomers

For many Baby Boomers life has become a juggling act. The joy of their first grandchild becomes overshadowed by a recent call that Mom or Dad has had a sudden heart attack, stroke or diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimers. Working out the logistics of helping all the family members, plus the stress of keeping a current job not only begins to become overwhelming but before you realize it, you’re totally Burned Out!

Sound Familiar?

You want the best for everyone, at the same time your body is tired and your spirit is breaking down. These are familiar scenarios heard daily at Home Care Agencies. Home Care is available at different levels and is exactly what it suggests. It could be the first step in giving you the additional support you need. Only qualified professionals should come into your home (or your parent’s home), helping you care for your parents.

Recently you find your parent more forgetful with medications, keeping scheduled appointments or maybe leaving a pot of soup on the stove causing the smoke alarm to go off.  Home Care in the Rochester area and surrounding counties, offer professionals who could help a few hours a day, reminding your loved ones to take medications, take them to the Dr.s or watch that pot of soup on the stove.

Home care Aids, also called Personal Care Aids (PCA’s) are available to solve a multitude of problems. Helping loved ones getting up and at um’ in the morning and ready to retire to bed, are very popular times of need.  Of course, their Doctor may prescribe more assistance, and we always follow the Dr.s orders, Right?

Many people ask a family friend for help. This can be very dangerous to both your loved one and your friend. They may not be qualified to recognize a sudden change in health or trained to handle an emergency. A qualified PCA is one who has received a Professional NYS Certification.They have also gone through the NYS finger printing process and background check. This is very important to note.

Personal Care Aids can also help with respite care. Just think. When is the last time you had a vacation or even a day off? Wouldn’t you feel better getting that break knowing someone was coming to check on your loved one while communicating to you that everything is going great? They are no longer alone, taking their medicine and getting to their scheduled appointments. They have someone who cares about them and their daily needs while listening to their stories with an attentive ear. Now, what about that new Grandbaby? Respite Care can mean a lot more cuddle time with that bundle of joy!

Meet Bella Photo by Deb McGwin Photo & Design