Do I Stay or Leave?

Our business is a tough one sometimes. Decisions have to be made. Most people wait far to long to begin the research and decision process when looking for the best care for their loved ones.

Tender Loving Family Care services people in their home, assisted living homes, nursing homes and even over 55 senior communities. We are called anyplace where folks feel they need extra help.

99.9% of the people we talk to want to stay at home. Is this really the best decision, especially if you are alone in your home?

Of course everyone is different but according to documented research it is healthier for us to be in some kind of community where there are others around for companionship.

Your children keep trying to talk you into moving. Every time they bring it up you become agitated and angry and tempers flare. They really are looking out for your best interest but you may be to scared of the unknown to listen.

Exploring Senior Housing options with your family member is the best way to find that best fit for you and your loved ones. Depending on your current care needs,there are multiple types of care and facilities to select from, such as Nursing Care, 55+ Living Communities, Independent Living, Alzheimer’s Care, Assisted Living, Adult Day Care, Respite Care and/ or Home Care. Listed below are topics to discuss with your Doctor, Children and anyone currently a part of your care team.

Where do you feel you have the most need? Ask yourself, who is helping me now, if anyone?

Do you need assistance with Mobility, walking or just getting around your home or apartment? Have you fallen in or out of your home lately? How about Transportation…Are you needing rides to Dr.’s, Hairdressers, Grocery Shopping? Needing an extra set of hands with Housekeeping, cleaning, doing the laundry, dusting, vacuuming? Bathing…showering, or help of any kind in the bathroom? How is your emotional state? Have you just lost a loved one yourself? Are you able to cook, make meals for yourself? Do you always remember to take your medication? These are some of the common concerns we hear from loved ones every day. It is important to ask yourself these questions or have loved ones go through the questions together.

Last March, Marge moved into an over 55 community where she made friends immediately. She lost her husband who had passed away the October prior. She was alone with only Wheel of Fortune to look forward to every night at 7:00pm, so she visited a few facilities with family members. These places had All the amenities you could ever want, clubhouses, pools, laundry facilities, air conditioning, gas & electric included and much, much more.

Let's Have Fun Seniors

Let’s have Fun Seniors


What couldn’t be listed was how the folks who lived there became like a second family. Marge immediately started playing cards, going to group lunches, Birthday parties and really fun bus tours. She couldn’t be happier. Now her family has to make appointments just to stop by and have a visit with her. This has become Home….




So you see, home can be anywhere. When you need the extra help no matter where you are, Tender Loving Family Care can meet you wherever you happen to call home.

Be Safe and Don’t Be Alone!