Are you Retiring with Purpose?

What is motivating you to find a retirement job, money, boredom or both?

Retiree’s are not counting the days to retirement but counting the days to a

new future with purpose. A more fulfilling phase of their life!

 Consider these 4 points before Retirement

  1. Starting Your Own Business

Work history can give seniors the knowledge and confidence to successfully

launch their own business. Owning your own business means controlling

your own paycheck and time.

  • A retired teacher might consider a tutoring business or creating online courses
  • A retired police officer may consider offering personal safety seminars.
  • A retired sales manager could find a product they really love and sell it part-time or even sell it online

2.The Best Jobs for Seniors happen when they Do Something They Love!

You may not have pursued your dream job before retirement because of your responsibilities.

The best jobs after retirement give you flexibility and purpose to pursue those things you love!

  • Do you love fishing? What about a job as a fishing guide or a salesperson in a tackle shop?
  • Is cooking your passion?  Or, what about being a personal chef – more and more families are looking to purchase prepared foods.
  • Looking for more time to spend on the golf course? How about a part time job at your favorite club?
  • Do you really love people contact? What about a job at the front desk in a hotel or office? or a part time job helping seniors at home.

 3. Jobs for Seniors — Consulting

As a retiree, one of your big advantages is that you’ve established a lot of experience.  Therefore, consulting can be an ideal job for seniors.

Many people retire from their jobs only to immediately start consulting full- or part-time with their previous employer or another company in their industry. Consulting can give you a lot of flexibility and pay well for your years of experience.

Many retiree’s find consulting to be an ideal bridge from full time work to full time retirement.

4. Volunteering

With many worthy causes in the world there just are not enough people to serve at them: hospitals, schools, zoos and international relief organizations to name a few. Did you know that even seniors are signing up for the Peace Corps? It is estimated that 6% of their 450 volunteers,are over 50 years of age.

If interesting work gives you a greater sense of purpose and you find it is more important to you than income, volunteering may be the right and most rewarding option.