Award-Winning August, 2019!

Tender Loving Family Care (TLFC) County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo & Annika D’Andrea RJO Award Ceremony 2019 Annika T. D’Andrea has done it again! Making TLFC’s Award-Winning month of August 2019! The Rochester Jamaican Organization (RJO) nominated and voted our President & CEO of Tender Loving Family Care, Annika D’Andrea the…read more

Let’s March into a Healthy Month

  Heart Healthy Month Let’s take time to Love our Own Hearts and try a new heart-healthy recipe! Colorful Black Bean and Cauliflower Rice Salad Spring is the season of new beginnings! Pretty soon we will see spring, I promise! As the Earth starts to bloom and come back to…read more

February-the Love Month

February-the Love Month   In our business, our caregivers are dedicated, showing their love 365 days of the year. It would be a sad world if we only chose one month to celebrate and take care of the people who are closest to us and the ones we most appreciate…read more

Essential Super Foods for Seniors

  ESSENTIAL SUPERFOODS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS If you are of senior citizen age, chances are that your body will require additional nutrients than when you were younger, due to different metabolic needs. The good news is, there are nutrient essential foods that can help you feel better while fighting diseases…read more

Tis the Season to Smile!

    A Smile Can Change Everything When we show signs of worry, it usually shows on our faces. We often think we are looking and acting normal, but stress and worry usually manifest itself in some way. Smiling is often the very last thing we feel like doing, particularly…read more

Preparing for a Safe Holiday Visit

  So many of us look forward to the holidays as a time to gather with family and friends. During these times we must try to remember the extra touches that go into caring for our elderly loved ones during these visits. While many family members are going over last…read more