Award-Winning August, 2019!

Tender Loving Family Care (TLFC) County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo & Annika D’Andrea RJO Award Ceremony 2019 Annika T. D’Andrea has done it again! Making TLFC’s Award-Winning month of August 2019! The Rochester Jamaican Organization (RJO) nominated and voted our President & CEO of Tender Loving Family Care, Annika D’Andrea the…read more

TLFC Is Celebrating Alzheimer’s And Brain Awareness Month!

June is an opportunity to have a conversation about the brain while informing more people about Alzheimer’s disease and other public-health dementias. Tender Loving Family Care Inc wishes to shed more light on the intricacies of Alzheimer’s, and how the brain is affected by it. We will explain briefly what…read more

Why is Inflammation Bad For Us?

Why is Inflammation Bad For Us? Anything with “ITIS” on the end of it, means Inflammation. Did you know that? Here are some of the most familiar Diseases related and added to the dreaded Inflammation in your body.   Arthritis Bronchitis Colitis Laryngitis Gastritis But the list goes on and…read more