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Annika T. D’Andrea

President / CEO

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I have worked in the health care industry for more than 18 years. I am an expert in understanding the needs of individuals to age-in-place.

I have a strong knowledge base in Home Care, Assisted Living, and Hospital settings.

I am a Certified Dementia Practitioner, a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and a Certified Super Noggin® Brain Fitness Instructor. I am a member of the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA), American Senior Fitness Association, the National Association of Professional( NAPW), the Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly (GRAPE) and the National Notary Association (NNA).

It is a great pleasure and honor to serve the members of our community. This passion was born in me. At around 6 years old, I started helping and caring for those in need. At that young age, I would help people in my church and the community with any tasks that I was physically capable of doing. As I grew up, I had first hand experience of what it’s like to care for a loved one, without having the resources and support available to provide respite and other much-needed services. I always want to help others and look for ways I can impact someone’s life positively.

We have an absolutely matchless team here at Tender Loving Family Care. Our family is among the most caring and capable in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Terri Monacelli

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I am proud to be the Chief Operating Officer at Tender Loving Family Care.  I previously worked in other roles at TLFC, including the role of the Agency Administrator. In these times of great challenge and change, I am working diligently as part of an amazing team to bring the very best services to clients and strive to make employees’ work lives enjoyable and rewarding.

My love of caring for people originates from a very young age by observing my own Mother’s diligent  care for family members in need.  I am a wife of 33 years to a wonderful husband and mom of a grown son and daughter who are my pride and joy.  Outside of TLFC, I enjoy family gatherings, baking, flower gardening and hiking with my family and dogs.  Dog and Cat rescue are also very near and dear to my heart.

With my vast knowledge of the operations of Tender Loving Family Care, I will continue to diligently work to fulfill the mission, vision and values set forth.

Tiffany Harrell

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I have always believed in helping other people as much as possible!

Merdel O'Connor

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There are very few that could match Annikas professional and persistent work ethic that has made her a champion in this industry. It is my pleasure to represent her company, and to get her message and mission of caring out to the counties and communities that TLFC serves.

To be part of a company that puts the community and their needs first is indescribable. At Tender Loving Family Care, we take great pride in our services and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to all our families. Working with families and their loved ones that wish to remain safely in the comfort of their homes, is a priority to us and with our team of caring and compassionate caregivers, we are able to make those wishes a reality.

I’m proud to be part of a caring, compassionate, and dedicated team serving our community unselfishly

Terri-Ann Graham

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Tender Loving Family Care provides the tools needed for individuals and families to accomplish such goals. The programs and level of assistance offered to the community by TLFC was what inspired me the most. I knew right away I had found the Company I wanted to invest my future in. I love what I do and live by the motto of treating people how I would like to be treated.

Tammy Werth, RN

Clinical Care Manager

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As A child, I gravitated towards the “Grandmas and Grandpas” in my neighborhood where I grew up. I would visit my elderly neighbors and just sit and talk with them or help with little jobs. It just made perfect sense to me that I would pursue a career with the elderly. I have worked in healthcare for over 20 years with the majority of that time being spent with caring for individuals being affected by dementia or alzheimers.  I started out working as a Home Health Care Aid for several years, then worked in dermatology for 6 years before going to school to become an RN. After nursing school I worked in the nursing home setting as a manager overseeing care.In addition to being a Registered Nurse, I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who understands the importance of keeping a family together at home as long as possible.

Rebecca Nettnin

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As I was growing up, it became evident that I excelled in an academic environment and that I possessed a degree of musical talent that I enjoyed expressing. These two inclinations have evolved into passions for singing, writing, and lifelong learning that continue to exert a strong influence in my life. Most importantly, my faith in God is the foundation for my greatest passion, which is to serve others.Within the church walls, I have sung in the choir, taught Sunday School, and served in various offices and community events. In the academic arena, I earned a Master’s degree in Education, allowing me to fulfill my dream of teaching elementary school. After becoming a mom for the second time, I stayed home to be with my sons and manage my husband’s business. Each job and life experience along the way served a purpose and provided me with positive opportunities to touch the lives of those whose paths I crossed.After returning to the workforce many years later, it eventually became clear that I desired a more fulfilling work role where I could truly serve those in need. I never thought I would find it at this stage of the game, but Tender Loving Family Care had a place for me. Every skill and lesson learned from the past has prepared me for this role and it is amazing!My passion for serving now extends to promoting the mission of this agency so that more lives can be touched. It is a privilege and joy to belong to this wonderful family, where all members share a passion for service and practice the highest levels of caring and integrity.

Marney D'Andrea (Office Dog)

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My name is Marney D’Andrea. The day my fairy godmother texted my mom a picture of me, was the start of the greatest gift I could have hoped for. I had no idea what life had in store for me, but from where I was sitting, it looked pretty good. I met my new home family and now it was time for the job interview. I was notified by the CEO, (my Mum) that a position was open at her office and she would bring me in for a meeting. I would have to meet the canine specifications and could be able to land a position as “Office Dog”.

On the day of the meeting I had a bath, combed my-coat and put on a clean collar. When I entered the office I was extremely nervous and had to take a good few slurps of water before I was ready.  Soon, I was shaking hands/paws with the office employees and awaited the verdict. My concerns were slowly disappearing as Mum (the CEO) first of all mentioned my professionalism and diligence in ensuring tasks get done to a high standard. She then went on to mention how I provide a friendly meet and greet service and extend a warm welcome to all visitors, which was great to hear and that I should continue to practice doing this Gently.  For me there is always a lot of focus on “Gently”.

I understand that the job market for Office Dogs is extremely competitive and those who manage to gain employment do so through personal connections. Some humans may not understand tail language and also might think I would be a disruptive addition to the team. In fact I, personally, am the complete opposite: conscientious, friendly, approachable and only a little bit rambunctious on occasion.

I’m not perfect; I have a little “lapses in judgment”, such as when I took my Mum’s lunch off her desk thinking she wanted me to have it, or when I confiscate items from the trash thinking it should be mine. Sometimes I accidentally lay on Mum’s file pile thinking that is where she wants me for my belly rubs. These were completely deliberate as far as I am concerned, but it was all going so well, I wasn’t going to let on. I will just have to be more stealth-like in future.

In my current role I also have an extremely generous benefits package including daily treats, quiet sleeping areas and flexible working schedule. It would certainly be difficult to negotiate this with any future employers.

The thought of not being able to continue my job would be unthinkable…

So, Mum, just know you have a loyal employee in me…

Love Marney…..